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Apologies for the confusion

For all of you who have been searching for the new Anxiety Support site for the UK that migrated over from the Anxiety UK site, this isn't actually it (although you are more than welcome to stay!)

This site was started a few months ago by Anxiety Support @ MHAPS, an organisation in New Zealand.

For Anxiety Support (UK) you can go to

Many thanks

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Hi allie,

Thank you for making this clear, most people realised pretty soon after they joined (it was easier for me to understand because I'm part of more than one community, but not everyone is). But we're still here because, we really liked being a part of this site and being allowed to navigate between the two.

I think part of the confusion is that what's left of AnxietyUK was going to have the name changed to AnxietySupport - which was going to be taken care by the Health Unlocked moderators.

I noticed some problems across the new Health Unlocked problem as a whole and I'm hoping it's not contributed to people's anxiety too much. I was wondering if you knew when we would be getting our email notifications back, and if so, we will receive the out of date notifications that we've already seen? I hope it's not a problem, but no worries if you can't answer that one. :) Nice to meet you by the way. :D I can already see this new platform has a much more refreshed and sophisticated appeal, even though there were some issues when I tried to log in earlier!

:) xxxx


HU platform as a whole* :)


Fairy havnt a clue where I am :-o