I never thought emigrating was so easy

Hi all just a quick update.I have been watching the site every day and was wondering what was going to happen.I am really doing well and thanks to my GP and Talking Matters,I have finally got some normality back in my life.I decided to stay on my fluoxetine because I found it helps me a lot. I can even have a couple of pints and still be ok.I would just like to say thank you all reading your blogs has given me a lot of support,I am not leaving the community and will continue to read all you moving and humorous blogs.

Thanks Kenny-w

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  • Hi Kenny

    You made me smile , yes emigrating has been easy :-D

    I do think we are OK as well on the other site , but we can pop on here as well , which is all good when we feel like a break / holiday :-D

    Great news hun you are doing so well , good for you , need some good news I feel at the moment

    O yes , keep popping on , I feel we all need to live & let live , stick together now , to keep what has been a wonderful support going , so don't be a stranger ;-)




  • Hi whywhy which is the site we will be on this one or another? as I don't no of another .



  • Bonnie , if I new I would tell you :-D

    I am getting sooo lost its unreal :-o

    Matt has done another update , post on either , sounds like they are transferring everything over soon & as I gather we just need to stay put & they will transfer us when they do :-o

    Hope you have had a good day


  • Just popped back from NZ, those departure lounges are a nightmare, seems to be a lot of comings and goings.....

  • Thank you whywhy, no not a good day so much fatigue can hardly walk and eyes just want to close. upped dose of citalopram 4 days ago to 20mg and things a lot worse. hope you ok.



  • I read on another health unlocked community that they are also not receiving emails and are awaiting the new 'platform' for Health Unlocked. I assumed previously that it was just Anxiety UK being moved over, but seems the whole Health Unlocked site is undergoing a revamp .... Anyway, apparently all members of whatever forums should receive an email when the new platform is up and running with a link for us to find it. That's probably as clear as mud, lol, but I think we just continue as we are and await an email with details of the new forums .... See you all on the other side ;)

  • Hi Kenny, apologies for jumping into your blog. It's lovely to read that you are doing so well, and that you have found a way through the anxiety. Long may it continue. Best wishes.

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