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morning sickness


im not pregnant. well i cant be pregnant unless i turn into seahorse. it just i feel the worst in the morning, right after i wake up. my chest feels tight and heavy. i feel like this is the end of life. sometime it's worst i feel like doing suicide. but once i get up and have shower , thing get better i was wondering if the others feel worse in the morning.

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Good morning, and I was going to say congrats but maybe not lol

I wish I could sleep at night and get up in the mornings, I'm just up now. Rest assured your not dying and please don't contemplate ending it coz it will really hurt, be very painful and take a long time. I've tried it, then freaked out and ended up in the hospital feeling like an idiot. It's just not worth the shame :-)

Go and see your GP and explain how you feel, you may have a chest infection on the way or you could be suffering anxiety attacks.

Please let us know how you get on, we will do our best to support you through

Take care xxxx Cookie

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Hey Mrs Cookie.......

How ya getting on?? Was thinking of you yesterday, you ok???



I always feel my anxiety is worse first thing in a morning............. when Im really suffering it hits me like a ton of bricks............. I then have to spend the day fighting with myself to be positive......

So you are not alone, thankfully Im not that bad at the moment........


You are experiencing morning anxiety which is what I have been suffering from for the last 7 months . Soon as I open my eyes I feel sick and stomach churns this goes on for the first few hours of every day . It's hell in earth I hate it . I have to take a propranol to help stop my heart racing . I know exactly what you are going through . I know it's hard but try to remain strong it will pass with time this is what I keep telling myself . I have 2 children to remain positive for . I wasn't like this before and I'm sure I will recover as you will to . It's our bodies way of telling us we have been through to much stress. Checkout Paul David Anxiety more he is amazing .

Regards Sonia

Hi wabra, my anxiety can often be the worst in the morning too. It all hits me and I feel pain in my chest, tension in my stomach and nausea, in bad times I too actually throw up. But there's something about having a shower that helps calm me down and get me ready for the day. Please dont hurt yourself, keep going, access as much support as you can and things will get better xx

thanks everyone for the comments at least now i know i aint alone.

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