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day one

hi all, ive just took my anti des so well done me :-) some fear but I know im not alone so makes me feel better. I was determined to start yesterday but because I had headache and took a nurefen I didn't. I didn't have much fear off that yesterday, as last time I caused myself a panic attack :-)

ive not had much anxiety at all today. its these days that I love having. well we all love having :-) even thou I had to go back up the school and fetch my eldest son as he told the teacher he wasn't well. I just knew he was ok and pulling a sicky. little shit lol

well tomorrow my cat in the vets first thing to get done as I cant have anymore pets and I will want to keep them all if she did. ive already got two dogs and 5 cats but may have 6 cats if my mom doesn't keep one of the kittens. it all depends on how her cat is with the kitten after a few days. xxx

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Well done , this time yea :-/

Now you have took it , I no its hard , but try & forget about it , when it pops in your head , just say , its to make me better

I will be on the 7th tonight , still 20mg , I have to go up to 40mg , at some stage , but slowly my confidence is getting a little better , I tell myself they must be ok , as after 7 meds , I am ok

With you all the way

If you feel like giving up , get on here





yes, well done you!



well done and hope you continue to feel better. xx


hi, well done and stick at it as they take about 2 to 3 weeks before you will notice any difference but it will be worth it.try and keep busy and go for long walks. x


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