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Good morning,

I have taken time for myself this morning to do things I want to do. Firstly write my blog and then week 3 of online CBT. I am reading Mindfulness, a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world, by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. It's interesting stuff, going to try the free meditation cd later :)

Something seems to be working, although I still get anxious, I deal with it better and don't dwell on it. For example I used to dread the weekends because of the noise in my street, drunks, shouting etc. I would spend all week worrying about what would happen. I have learnt to stop the 'what ifs' during the week and although I get a bit tense on Saturday night I cope much better. OH and I watch a DVD, then I read and before bed I do 30 mins guided meditation. I still get woken up by noise but the anxiety only lasts 10 mins, I can breath myself calm and go back to sleep.

I know I can't change the outside world but I can change how I choose to deal with it. Putting my mind throw summerssalts of trying to find a solution is only going to make me more an anxious.

So today I am being kind to myself, and learning to be at peace with my thoughts.

Love and peace xxx

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Hi Tara,

thats sounds really great.

I'd be interested in how you find the mindfullness as I wasn't allowed to go on a course for that, as its only for depression, so the therapist said. I've been given CBT instead.

I think it all helps, because our problems are so complex, the therapists dont know which bit to takle first.

I'm still hopefull, but I do think the root of my problems come from childhood, and how I coped or didnt cope then.

Have a great day, I've just chopped down trimmed a few more overgrown tree's, moved my slowworms over a bit to a sunnier location, and been feeding a robin on the bits I've dislogged.

I'll be unable to move soon :-) but I did enjoy it and got some sun as well.




Hi Baylien,

I think anyone can benefit from reading Mindfulness, although some people might find the meditations slightly strange. I don't mind trying anything. Most of my problems came from my childhood but I have given up analysing, Mindfulness suggests we don't look back because we can stay acting on auto-pilot, so it's about focusing on the present.

I have had a busy but satisfying day, and I'm looking forward to reading more tonight.

Meditate in a hot bath, and feel your aches and pains soaking away :)

T x


Hi I signed up for an 8 week course with this, it's very good but unfortunately I just couldn't do the 'Body Scan for the life of me and I meditate quite a lot so I left after a couple of weeks, one of the advisors there did recommend a brilliant book called ' The compassionate mind' this can be used in conjunction with the course, this is what I'm reading explains everything in laymans terms and well worth a read, I got mine for about £6 on amazon..hope ths helps. Good Luck Tara67 I hope you will find some positive results x


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