So after a long graft in the garden I later had some nasty heart palps whitch stopped after some time, all. In all I was goosed and could'nt wait to get to bed, think I must have fallen asleep around half 10 and now I'm wade awake at 2:17, what makes it bad is my anxiety is back only slightly with the odd pain in my neck and a little worry every now and then, and on top of that my chest is a little tight and weezy :'(, I HATE ANXIETY, my life is slowly being ruined in front of me and I feel powerless to it. Am I just being soft?


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  • I feel the same it's a real struggle and worry in my life I hate it just wish there was a miracle cure :(

  • No you are not too soft!! I feel as though you are talking about me as this is what I feel nearly all the time, it seems to take over your life. HATE IT< HATE IT any pain I get ,in my mind is always the worse thing possible but although I try to tell myself that I have had a similar pain before and nothing happened I am unable to relax with it. Hope you feel a bit better and managed to get back to sleep. xx

  • Well I think I got back to sleep around 6am, now I'm awake again. Wish I could have slept all day as I feel like shit, :(

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