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A good time was and for some still is being had at todays wedding.For me,faces from the past,kids grown up,ex neighbours etc but it was nice.

The ex wife got a bit jolly after the old" vino collapso",daughter got louder after a couple,I had 3 brews and a burger,Son had a hair cut and a bottle of beer,only one mind!

The event kinda took me back but back to good times and I was quite happy to sit in the sun and observe people.It was a very nice afternoon/evening and I did not even notice my anxiety so there you are,go to a do every week!

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Pleased you enjoyed it and were anxiety free! They were so lucky with the weather!


Great news !! Sometimes it's like that you can not look forward to or dread something and it runs out glad it did for you will sleep well tonight no doubt :)

Take care

Sue x


Sounds really nice, glad you had an anxiety free day, I love those,


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