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Sleep problems

Im new to this site and would like to say hi and see if anyone has anything positive and reassurance on CBT for sleep problems? Few months ago my sleep all went to pot after a anxiety attack and having not much sleep after a while made me more anxious and stressedme out and made me worry more cause i couldnt sleep. Been several times to the doctors and they just wanted to give me anti dep which i have refused but accepted the sleeping pills (wish i never now) as u become reliant on them and get in a vicious circle thinking u cant sleep with out them etc..... Last night i went with out, first time for weeks and i did get a little sleep on and off, so progress i think and i didnt pop a pill ehich was good. I have a CBT app monday, my anxiety issues seemed to have decreased which is great but my sleep hasnt got back to normal. Im doing all the sleep hygien things and i exercise plenty and work full time. Question is...... Has anyone experoenced sleep problems and has it gone back to normal? If so how long did it take and how? Or has anyone had CBT for sleep and did it work? Thanks for listening x Jools

Also decided to take no more sleeping pills..... Will i sleep eventually? If kept active and regular bed times x

Sorry for typos.....on my mobile

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Dear Jools,

Welcome to this wonderful site.

I am sorry to read that you have had trouble sleeping.

I have had sleep problems since having bad panic attacks that started approx. in the summer last year.

It has not gone back to normal however it has improved approx. 70%. My sleep started to improve following anti depressions, citralopram 10mg and after starting councelling, writing in a diary and being on this great website for support.

I hope things improve for you.


Marcus xxx


Hi Marcus, thanks for your reply. Thats great that it can improve, fingers crossed CBT works and with time i will improve. X


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