time moves so as your family and friend but anxiety doesn't

i had anxiety disorder since i was kids. i always get panic attack when i am under pressure. but when i was a kid my sister used sit next to me and help me to calm down help so i could get back to work. but as time passed i had to leave my family. Now im alone. i wish i could have someone who would be always with me and will tell me everything would be alright whenever i have panic attack.


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3 Replies

  • Hi

    What a lovely sister you talk about

    Its hard when we have had someone to help , us with our anxiety but as life moves on that's not always possible

    Is you sister still about , could you visit , or may she could visit you , phone calls ?

    I no you cant rely on her for ever , but keeping contact would be a help if that's possible

    Things may seem like there is no way out at the moment , but believe me , people do get well from this

    Have you been to see the GP , Some counselling would be brilliant to help you




  • Hey yy, thank you for the comment. my sis is miles away. besides, things are different she got kids and family besides im not the small kid anymore. i talked my GP recently. she asked me to try a website call MoodGym. i guess my anxiety disorder got worse when i become alone. and this been going for last 8 years which turn into depression.

  • I understand & no you will feel now your sister has her own life you don't want to be a burden , but I am sure she would love to hear from you even if a phone call ...

    If you have spoken to your GP & had a look at the website & it is not helping , go back again & explain you need more help , sometimes I no this can be hard as we feel , they will get fed up of us but if you have a good GP which I hope you have they don't

    Tell GP you need more help than a website , if you feel you cant say it , copy what you have written on here , as you explain yourself very well , & pass it to them to read

    I over the years have had to go back several times , now , I am waiting to see a phycologist , which I no is the best way for me , I wished I had pushed sooner though

    Hope you feel you can go back




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