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Bad day, with angina.

Feeling so down today. Angina pressing chest all day, feeling so tired and washed out. When this happens every month or so, I get so depressed and low. Everything seems to be going on, in chest and head. Of course, the mind races toward thoughts of heart attacks etc... Does anyone out there get these symptoms?.......

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Hi Joe

First, have you actually been diagnosed with angina? I ask because anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms, many of which "mimic" real, physical ones - but they're not, they are just the results of anxiety.

If you haven't been diagnosed, I REALLY think you should see your GP - it might be angina, in which case they can give you medication to help - if not, it's anxiety and they may be able to refer you to maybe some relaxation classes which will help.

I've never had these symptoms, but i did attend a relaxation class once with a youngish man, who's GP had referred him to a heart specialist because of chest pains - turned out to be anxiety, nothing wrong with his heart at all!!!!

So, please, Joe, do see your GP - whether it is or isn' angina, there is help for it, you don't have to suffer alone!

Do post again and let us know how you get on!

Good luck!





Thanks Rose, I had a silent heart attack 15 years ago, and ever since have been waiting on a "real" one. I am on the usual medication, the hospital recon I have angina. The GP reckons not. I never get chest pain. Only tight and uncomfortable feeling, which can last a day. Usually after nights sleep I am back to normal. I walk, and climb stairs easily, with slight puffing at the end. I am 72, mobile and reasonably bright. Doc has me on anxiety medication Fluoxitine, and I have also attended the theropy which did not not do too much for me, but breathing, and relaxation tapes help. I have 2 pints of beer each evening, and that seems to be the best medication of all. Please don't think of me as alcahol dependant, but chatting with people, and reading the newspaper in the pub for 1 hour plus, helps considerably.

Once again, thank you for you concern. Cheers. xx


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