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Cant sleep tonight,bit of stomach churning going on but don't feel particularly stressed,Did you know that when a Chimp gets stressed it throws its own shit around,thought I would try it and Ive made a right mess of the walls.Also a Chimp is 7 times stronger than a man so if you were thinking of fighting one,dont!

Back to my stomach,yeh,its churning away for some reason,I feel it welling up inside but I keep telling myself all is well and then it calms back down,how strange,the old "fight or flight" syndrome.I wonder what would happen in a real danger situation,would I explode or not be afraid at all,how ironic that would be,no fear when you need fear.

So,I will sit here and stay calm and see if things get better,they will because I will,will them!

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I hope you are asleep by now and overcame those fears. I find sitting almost upright in bed helps me at those times and breathing deeply. sleep tight.


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