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ok some tips i didnt share in my previous blog

We should be aware when we are anxious as then we know that that our thoughts are gonna be bad. Its like you can predict bad thoughts coming and thus you dont dwell deep into it and u can just say " Just another bad thought which is because i am anxious" instead of believing the thought or worst RESISTING it . IF you try to hard to sleep u wont be able to sleep. YOUR MIND cannot be controlled by thought stopping or forcing yourself to be sleepy or force yourself to be happy.

Pain is essential but suffering is your choice

Let the bad thoughts and anxiety pass away and you can smile and laugh at your thoughts in a non judmental way. Focus on your experience

Saying that its easier said than done but it is quite possible and realsitc

Get involved if suppose your having the most passionate conversationa bout your friend or giving a mouth to mouth on a critical person you will forget your problems

A way to be happy is for sure to be of great value to society. People who help society know the real meaning of inner joy. This post is my way of getting inner joy to help and share,

Forget your problems in helping people solve theire thats life

One most important thing life is just your state of mind not actually the stituation


You are in a beach in hawaii and ur in oure bliss and you get a phone call that your car is stolen. Bliss remains? hell no

similarly ur in shady slimy dirty smelly street walking and you get a call that you have won a lottery . You have just found pure bliss

Will share more stuff

BE happy u have a right to


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