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Last few days

I've felt a lot less anxious which I was pleased about it, I've been trying to reason with myself for the things I feel and explain why I'm feeling them.

I have to get the train to work every morning and it's that that I'm struggling with the most, I think it's because it's packed in the morning and I feel I can't go anywhere. It's only a 25 minute journey but oh my does it feel like 2 hours. It's a shame really as I used to enjoy the train in morning to look out the window or just sit with my eyes closed for few extras minutes.

I've also been struggling to sleep at night which wasn't a problem before. No matter. How anxious I felt I could get to sleep. Now everytime my eyes go to close I start feeling warm and feel I can't breathe.

Anyway that's just a wee rant as I'm on the train right now and trying to take my mind off panicking.

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Sent you a message, hope it helps




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