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panic disorder help

Hello. I'm new here and I have just bin diagnose with panic disorder and is on meds. I have really bad attacks in the morning I just can't get up cos I'm worry I'll have a panic attack . sometime I get so worried having a panic attacks that I'm having trouble eating especially in the mornings where I'm so worried of choking (this what start my attacks off). can anyone how I can stop these attacks coming in the mornings

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Welcome, well none of us can stop a panic coming, however we can melt it away very quickly with practice, and once you know how to do that, they dont seem to come as often if at all.

Are you getting any councelling, therapy help from your doctors?

Now this choking symptom, it can be a very scary one, I've had it, and i'll let you know how I challenged my thought of choking, and made it a lie.

I hope you like biscuits..............they are dry, and hard so swallow..agreed?

I the morning, got downstairs, you might have a cup of tea etc..........then get the biscuit or part of and pop it in your mouth and chew, whatever you do, dont swallow it, just chew........keep chewing and it will moisten so much that you will just swallow.

When we are anxious, we rush things, like eating, so slow it down, do what normal people do, you dont have to swallow it, just chew it and see what happens.

I wish you love and great fun, showing yourself how your thoughts are just thoughts and not real.




Good advice. I had a panic disorder too. Medication helped but mostly it went when i said to myself this is just a panic attack during them instead of my previous i am going to die of a heart attack and calling husband. Also when i worried about one out i tried to say to myself, if i do i do. Had one in the street once and just sat on pavement for bit with head down breathing slowly and it went off. Learned i could manage. I dont get them now. Good luck. X


guys thank you for your help . but mornings are the worst time for me . what happens is nilly every morning between 5am- 7am I get this feeling like I'm going to choke to death then that's followed by shire panic and terrier . I even worry If I'm going to lose it when I'm out. I try my best to keep my stress levels down and by listening by listing to one of those sea sound cds to help keep me clam . I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. and how do I stop this choking feeling I get nilly every morning and also can you get a dry mouth with panic attacks ??


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