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Today is a day I have had to really push myself

Because I voluntarily gave up my job I had the bad news today that I won't receive any benefits until July. I had to give the job up I felt I couldn't carry on doing it, my anxiety was just too bad, this really is a blow to me and has sent me on a downward spiral, I had an appointment to meet the people at a voluntary agency about completing some voluntary work, it was not a good day to go but I forced myself,felt awful but I went......

This is really an ongoing battle....

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Hi Sue

Sorry youre having a bad day.................

Can you not go on sick as youre not able to work at the min with your anxiety and depression??



ps............. give yourself a pat on the back for getting yourself to that appointment though,,,, you could have stayed at home, but you didnt you went, even feeling as crap as you did!!

Well done.............



Thanks Anne, I guess one of my fears is going on sick, I never had a sick day off work I struggled on, and I have fears of the process and the system for being sick....and yes at least I went today, hope your day is ok so far



I agree. If you give up your job voluntarily then it is unlikely that you will get Job seekers allowance immediately. They have put sanctions on it. Your best bet by far is to claim ESA (sickness benefit). You can put the claim in over the phone or on-line - see You will need to follow this by a sick note within 7 days so get yourself off to your doctor straightaway.

I used to work for the DWP!

Bev xx


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