Anxiety - it gets better

So I thought starting a blog would be a good way to keep me busy during the day.

I have a little calender thing with daily qutoes on it so I thought i'd start with posting them every day.

"In my home, I only have things that my heart truly loves"

Today is the first day i've actually lived by the whole 'don't cry over split milk' thing. I didn't go out because I was too anxious, and usually I would have cried about that for a while, or been really upset at least, but I can't change what has already happened, so I let it go.

Small goals are the best, things you can actually achieve. Mind you, there's only so bad the anxiety can make you feel, so you might as well challenge yourself.

Stay strong x


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2 Replies

  • Hi fife, I love positive affirmations they really do make you think. If you are on Facebook, check out The Positivity Garden, some lovely quotes and photos on there everyday. :) x

  • Thanks so much, i'll have a look :) x

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