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nice day out

Hi all.Just got back from an unexpected day out my son and his wife decided we would visit the wonderful Wenslydale home of the famous cheese.What a beautiful place gorgeous scenery and the weather has been great.Just what the doctor ordered lol I wish you could all have been there I just wish I could drive I would spend a lot more time in the North Yorks National Park.Anyway thats all for now I'll keep reading your great blogs

thanks Kenny-w

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I wish I'd been there too, you would have had. To drag me away from all that gorgeous cheese mmmmmm

Glad you had a great day, now put your feet up and relax xxx


Its beautiful there. My OH lives in the Dales. I miss being up there. Glad you had a nice time. Hope it did you good. x


Sounds lovely Kenny

Nice . happy blog , so pleased you have had a good day , sun as well :-)





Hi Kenny

Nice when you get a surprise unexpectedly sounds like you had a great time.

Glad you had a lovely day.

Take care


Love Seyi xxx


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