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Sharing my fear and hope

Good morning everyone,

I have had some lovely comments about my positive blogs. Yesterday my new found positivity was put to the test. I live in the centre of a small town and my street is always busy and noisy at weekends. For years this didn't bother me, I kind of got used to drunks singing at 2am.

Within the past 2 years it has become worse and fights break out and I get anxious and scared. Last night there was noise, I accepted the fact I was going to feel anxious, and when it did kick in I controlled my breathing and let it pass. For the first time my heart didn't race or feel like it was going to explode. When it all calmed down I praised myself for taking control and made a mental note, that although I was anxious nothing bad happened.

This probably seems like a very minor thing but I am learning small steps are the way to go. I am also learning that actually I am a lot stronge than I realise, I have lived with my anxiety for years and I am still here and I still have hope.

I am rewarding myself tody with a new book on mediation :)

Be kind to yourselves,

Love T x

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My thoughts of despair have been replaced with hope.

I hope others take heart from your post.



It's always good to read post like this. Hearing how someone has managed to control their anxiety and be positive helps everyone on here I believe.

You deserve to treat yourself and last night proves you are a strong person.

Have a great weekend with your new found hope. :)



Well done Tara,




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