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The last 48 hours....ugh!!


Oh dear, what a nightmare.....!! My grandmother was rushed into hospital yesterday, she normally relies on me quite heavily (big part of my anxiety!) but shes a very stubborn and very proud lady so has isolated herself over the last year. Myself and my bro are the only people that see her on a regular basis....shes been keeping her health problems from us and it turns out she has a really bad lymphedema in her legs so she can hardly move, and also bowel and urinary problems so she has been struggling. Anyway to cut a long story short I've been running backwards and forwards between the hospital, home, her house and the shops to do everything - her house is a complete mess and there's lots of evidence that she hasn't been coping so I've been cleaning it and clearing it out all day...and then rushing over to the hospital during visiting hours to sit with her and find out whats happening...then went home for an hour before going back to sit with her all evening. I keep getting headaches and shakes, and sudden dizzy moments...felt sick a few times... I can cope and get through this and get what needs to be done sorted, but I'm so scared of the aftermath. I've worked so hard over the last 6 months to get my anxiety to a manageable level and I can't help feeling that this is going to bring me crashing back down again :(

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Thank you whatnext.... I'm so exhausted at the moment but so wired that I can't sleep! Just trying to focus on the task at hand. But you know how it works, always worrying about the next thing!! Eurgh!! Thanks for your kind words xx

you've proven to yourself that you are incredibly strong. you should feel very proud as im sure your grandmother does too. just with all the rushing around your doing I hope your taking the time to take care of yourself too. stay strong huni and WELL DONE XX

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