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OOH ER MISSIS! Not the sex shop you filthy minded people,the other one, you know,mobiles,games etc.My Son wanted to sell his games,his games I asked myself,who do you suppose purchased them in the first place.Anyway he got the latest COD,not a fish supper,you know what I mean!

Had to buy him some new school shoes also and it was a surprisingly pleasant ordeal for a change apart from being £50 lighter.

So,I have been in town,which I hate,people everywhere,I have been to Morrisons,which I hate and survived with very little stress.When all's said,not a bad day again really.

Got a card for my Great Nephews christening on Sunday,gonna put some money in it,seems that's the way these days.

Things are looking up I feel,back to the old Gym next week,dont want to turn into a porker do I,plus,dont say anything but, I have my eye on a certain someone so gotta look good!!

The weathers warming up so our spirits may be lifted,I hope so.Good evening.

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Good job castel,

My son likes COD too :-)

xbox though not playstation, he sold that and bought himself some new clothes bless him.




good for you, glad you had a good day. I haven't been to town for a month. i'll go to any town but not my own x


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