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Feeling rough all the time

I wake up every morning feeling rough, I've had a pain in my ribs from yesterday and my doctor didnt seem to fussed about it, I feel I'm on another planet, get all shaky and feel soo low is this all normal my doctor has put my meds up. I was on the up last week untill I got very drunk Saturday and Sunday it was like my world came crashing down I'm guessing the drink made things 100 times worse just feel soo alone and soo many questions but doctor doesn't seem to bothered xx

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yea Alcohol makes it worse, but its catch 22 if you feel down you drink or overeat then you feel twice as bad, As a consequence I need to loose 2 to three stone in weight


Hiya Daisy

That's the problem with alcohol ....its picks us up but there is an almighty crash . I think people who are getting better from whatever problems they have would be wise to look beyond alcohol for recreation.

A lot of us have realised this Daisy.

Also, some medication can cause the side effecst you write about. But this is a small price to pay if we need the meds.

Good news is we can get well completely. And talking and writing about it is what lots of people, I find, do to keep upbeat.

SL : ) : ) : ) : )


I'm staying away from the drink but things are dragging me down big time I'm obsessed with thinking there's something wrong with me and I can't seem to get rid of this feeling xx


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