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Good day :-)

Hi all, took my anti des today i am taking it more and only missing the odd day which is better then i was doing before. Was missing more then i was taking so i feel im doing alot better and the fear as gone abit :-)

Been i took my youngest son an appointment at the nhs centre and im happy there checking if for adhd but unhappy in what she said about is eating. She told me hes only eating macdonalds and kfc because i let him and thats y he dont eat anything else. She said dont give him chocolate bars either in his lunch box at school put him a banana and a sandwich. She said he wont starve his self for long. Well i told her he wud as he done it before. He can starve his self for wks, untill theres something he can eat that he enjoys. He gags with all foods as well. I mite send him to school with a few chocolate bars and drinks but i know he as had something then. Plus wen he dont eat he gets headaches and sometimes hes sick with them. Like the gp said give him wat he eats its better for him to eat wat he likes then eat nuting. So shes telling me to starve in wen he doesnt eat. I but it across to her as well if someones but something infront of u that u didnt like wud u eat it still? They can never give u a straight answer to them questions will they

Since ive been back ive cleaned the house top to bottom,popped ova me mates for a cuppa. Ive even cleaned up the back garden abit more even thou the weathers not very good. But once ur doing something u dont feel the cold lol now im going shopping and going to chiilax the rest of the nite with a nice take away xxx

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ok so your making me hungry with the thought of a take away,,,,,,chinese in springing to mind. my nephew is a real picky eater but hes alot better than he used to be and trys all sorts now. just listen to your doctor and no one else but as an exersice you could explore other foods with him, look through cookery books and ask him what looks nice and then make it together that gets him invloved. enjoy your evening. x


Well done donaf

Like you say you have missed a couple but are taking more than you are missing so that's a good thing

Finally its good to hear they are sorting your son out & testing him , you have hung in there with this & looks as if things are starting to move

Sam advice seems good about the eating

Well drum roll .....I have joined you in the med fear & I have took my 1st statin (panic )

So finally come on lets do this together





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