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Of to see the doc

Hey guys going to see my GP this afternoon which I'm getting nervous about which isn't helping, but hopefully it's for the best. As I've explained before I'm not one for sharing things, but I suppose I should get used to it. It's different sharing on here as its not in person if that makes any sense.

Other than that I've been not to bad still a bit all over the place emotionally, but I'm coping just about. The night work has been well not a lot of work so far so I can't complain.

So anyway I'll let you guys know how my appointment goes. Hopefully the men in white coats won't drag me away to the looney bin :)

Hope everyone is having a good and stress free week


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Hope everything goes good


Hi Willrich

Well done for going to see the Doctor which will help you just open up and tell him exactly what your feeling.

I agree its different on here writing blogs and getting advise but the Doctor will give you professional advice you need.

Please let us know how you get on hoping all goes well thinking of you.

Did make me crack up about the looney bin :) you will be just fine


Love Seyi xxx


good luck at the docs, not that you need it. let us know how it goes and dont worry if they do call in the men in white coats and drag you off and throw you in cage.........finerally i will have some one to talk to in here:))))))))))))))))


hi willrich. do hope your appointment goes well I am sure it will. it is harder to talk to someone face to face especially a doctor. but if you have a good one it will come naturally and you will feel so much better for sharing your troubles let us know how you get on . good luck,xxx


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