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I who have no-one,I who could not care less if I have a partner or not,why are some people seemingly preoccupied with finding a partner,it simply causes stress that quite frankly,you could do without.How could a new partner even begin to understand your anxiety when we don't understand it ourselves and something else,with a new partner,you would be constantly worried that they would not accept you the way you are,so whats the point?

Like me,you need to concentrate on getting well,try everything possible to sort out this anxiety business,get to a good place and then look for love in the right frame of mind.

Be positive like me,negativity breeds negativity,enough said.

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i hear you......ive been with my boyfriend for 5 years this summer and his attitude and mood swings really bog me down, like i dont suffer with enough. i dont bog him down if im really low i shut myself away so i dont drag anyone down, wish he did the same. he does suffer with social anxiety but manages very well at maintaining a normal life so he knows the motions that come with all this anxiety, panic and depression. dont get me wrong i love him to bits hes my best friend its just some times i wish i was single. when i look back he has made my anxiety worse on quite a few!!!!! :)


Because we are all different Castelnaudry? But if your comments are aimed at my blog I wasn't bemoaning the lack of a family so much as the awareness of being different from the 'norm' and feeling like an outsider in an alien world.

Maybe in your world many people are on their own but where I live the opposite is true and I have suffered consequently with lack of respect and derision from those around me.

Bev x


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