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Hello,today I went to my second C.A.R.M.,Community assisted recovery module,meeting.I met two new people today and it was interesting to hear them talking quite openly about their issues as I did also.There is something quite liberating and not at all embarrassing about talking through my issues with other like minded people.There is a total and complete understanding which really makes me feel that it is not just me and there are others who can relate to and help me with my problems.

I am also being made aware of the numerous groups out there,that perhaps we are unaware of who can be of great benefit to us all.

You need to ask your Doctor for details of these groups or search online because they are out there and they can help.

So people,today has been good for me,Son is sleeping out again but that's ok,Im quite comfortable being alone and not worrying too much.

I am confident about the future and my ability with help to beat this anxiety business,take care.

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Well done castelnaudry.


Well,you seem happy,good luck


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