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Anxiety symptom?!

Hi everyone.... Haven't posted for a while because I've actually had a good few weeks, kept busy and haven't had any real meltdowns!!! However the last couple of days I've had sore eyes and a "foggy" head, feels just like a bad hangover but I haven't had a drop of alcohol!! I haven't had this as an anxiety symptom before (although just as I get used to one symptom another tends to manifest!) so I'm not sure if it's that or if I'm getting flu or something....just feel a bit weird and spaced. Anyone had this? :(

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Yes I have had these feelings , infact I get a lot of sore eyes , but I am not a brilliant sleeper , so but it down to that

Also I can feel like you when I am about to come down with something & as there seems to be bugs going about , you could be , a few more days should tell

Like you say though anxiety , has a habit of throwing another symptom at us when we least expect it

See how you feel in a few days , if its anxiety the symptoms should settle , a virus you will no in a few days , if you feel like this in a few days you could see GP , though I don't think anything serious will be wrong , but might put your mind at ease

Yes its a beep beep , when we feel like we have a hangover & not even partied :-D but I do no that feeling

Hope you feel better soon

Let us no how you go on





Thanks for your reply whywhy :)

I managed to drag myself in to work, felt terrible when I got there and thought uh oh will have to get straight back home!! But once I settled down and got stuck into some work I didn't feel quite so bad. Still a little groggy though! Definitely not fair to feel like we have a hangover - I feel as though I got through a couple of bottles of wine last night! Ugh!!

Will keep plodding along and see how I go... thanks again and hope you're well xx


Hayfever ?

I never had hayfever, untill I got it recently out of the blue, its mild but myeyelids swell up, and I get itchy eyes and a runny nose lol, and its a bit embarissing, but I take a tablet each morning and after a few days it goes down and all is well.

Just a thought




Yes i too have bad symptons like jelly feet and feeling weak all the time.... and i get raelly restless...i


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