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Do you think he should have said this to me?

Hi all,

Well last week I was suppost to have a 3rd operation on my bowel. When I went to my pre op I was wound right up and my pulse was high 135 and I had an ecg.

When I met the anesthetist we talked about my ectopic beats. He said he wouldn't put me to sleep whilst he didnt know what they was. He suggested I go back to my dr and push my cardiology appointment. He also said there was a few blips on the ecg he wasn't worried about because it looked like the pass wernt stuck tidy! He then told me they don't find heart problems on an ecg or bloods and they are sometimes overlooked! I said I hope my gp knew what she was doing but all he was saying made me panic, and he said he didn't know if it was my anxiety causing that or something different! He suggested I ask for pictures to be taken of my heart because a 24hr monitor doesn't always work, and when I was on one after my last op they prob didnt check it.

I went back to my gp because I was frightened and mortified at what he had said. She stuck by her diagnoses and suggested I make a complaint against him because he should never have said these things to me! My palpertations have been doing overtime this week!!!

What do you all think?

H2b xxxx

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Hi how scared you must be feeling bad enough having health problems and operations one after another to be told this. No wonder your pulse was high. How insensitive some people can be is beyond me. He should not have frightened you in this manner and made any comments until further tests were done

I do hope you get this problem resolved and feel for you.

Easy said than done but please try and not worry and get your GP to sort out what is going on.

Wish you Luck

God Bless

Love Seyi xxx


I do think he was a bit full on to someone with anxiety but that was probably just the way he is.

But I do think he was right not to do the op if he had any concerns about your heart. He was just looking after your interests after all.

Bev x


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