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Hello all :-)

I took my anti des at five, had abit of panic but not much. I had my mind accompined thou as i had my mate and her to girls round and we was all watching twilight so i never thought about it. Also ive been cutting down on my fags the last few day as my vape escape came yesterday. Its actually really good, one drag and im ok for an hour or so. Im at the bingo now, hope ur all ok, i hopw i win :-) lol xxx

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Hey you mrs well done hun i i could do with stopping smoking they are making me feel rough what you using hun? And good luck for bingo i am there wed could do with winning myself love wud be nice have fun :) xxxxx


Im using a vape escape, there not on nhs yet but am really good. They look like a black ppen tbh. My dad as quit for a yr using one and i know alot of people have. If u type vape escape on the net u will find the site xxx


Well done my love

Eyes down :-D hope you win



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