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Finished my decorating now,Im just fixing a puncture then off on my bike for a little ride.You should come with me,down the old tram track,over the river and into the park.Along the cycle path beside the river,cross the road and as if by magic,into the countryside.Still beside the river,over the cattle grids,mind the cow s--t and into the woods.Past the golf course,under the road and onwards through the wildlife sanctuary.Back into the trees and a big effort now up the big hill,huffing and puffing but made it.Think I will turn round here and head back home,about 1 hour 15 minutes a nice steady 15 miles,shower time me thinks,how nice that was.

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Sounds great,has it got a name place,could "google "it


Hi,yep,if you google" Guild wheel" you can look at the route that goes all the way around Preston.


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