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That poor,poor girl in India,what is going on,god only knows and we think we have problems.Well people,what problems do we really have,we worry,we panic,we get pretty darned low,so what are we to do.We look at others,we see their problems,real issues that can be the difference.

I don't want to preach to anyone and never would but I can take a good look at myself on this public forum and say "compared to many,my issues are trivial and not even worthy of a mention" just my opinion,nothing more.

The news informs me,educates me and I pause to reflect.

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I say this to myself every day. 'I have a lovely family, should have no worries' but still that little trigger clicks and hey ho that anxious feeling gets in somehow, without even thinking about it. Comes and goes folks.


I no same here , I no & when I see whats happening in the world & to others , for a while I think how lucky I am ....but as much as its cruel what does happen & my heart goes out to them & I should be grateful , like you say henige when that trigger clicks I can only feel my pain



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