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Morning all,just a quick hello before I nip to my uncles to do a bit of sorting out,prior to renting the house out,I told you in an earlier post that he has gone into care.He is 82 now and his mind is going,very sad, but that's how it is.

Anyway,another pretty good night,slept fairly well and awoke feeling pretty fresh and in a good mood.Today will be another good one,going to keep busy unlike the past 3 days doing diddly but quite content.

The ex has been on the phone,"can you,can you,always can you" I don't mind really,nice to be needed,sometimes!

So people,I am sending you some hearty cheer,life aint that bad,so live it!

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Sounds great castelnaudry ;-)

Dont work too hard, calm and steady as she goes.

all the best


fantastic .... ' today will be another good one ...' , 'life ain't that bad so live it'. I firmly believe our feelings come from our thoughts and you are telling yourselves all the right things. But like Baylien says, don't work too hard ... You've got the weekend to enjoy :)


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