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Not posted for a while so I thaught I would to feel better anxiety is ruinin me

Well I have got abit better just the odd symptoms what start me off but my sleep pattern is still the same e,g not gettin any I also feel for my heart nealy all the time like at rugby training because its goin fast and I can hear it but I've played rugby for 14 years and was fine and now I've startd to feel it in the matches too and have to come off I can't cope with this anymore it's makin me think of life total different realy windin me up I always think people are on about me when ther not sometimes ill stay in for a week without leaving the house

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Its hard. I know mate as I am feeling the same but just remember the good days and try and not concentrate on the bad ones. The more you feel anxiety is ruining your life the more it will. Its a vicious cycle. Make a commitment to be happy and put no conditions on this.


It is a vicious cycle and is horrible. I was told to write a diary for my day and see what I had achieved rather than what I hadn't and is quite an eye opener as to what you can do as oppose to how you thinking you are not. I have also tried Sleep Rescue remedy,it helped calm down my thoughts. Maybe it could help you, get it from the chemist or a health shop. All the very best to you.


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