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Hello again,I just wanted to post this in order to try and give a little hope to all you suffering out there.

For over a week now,I have been feeling a lot better than I did,no tears,no anger,no fear.I am not overly motivated to do anything but I don't really care because my anxiety level has dropped considerably.

I find myself able to sleep fairly well, staying in bed longer than usual.I don't awake feeling anxious and immediately worrying about stuff.

I don't quite know why this has happened but it has and I believe it can happen to you also if you allow it.

Again,I refer to the power of thought,positive thought,the feeling of strength over your own thoughts.Like me,tell yourself you will beat this thing in your mind,its only as strong as you allow it to be,you are in control of your mind,think about this the next time you feel you are going insane,ask yourself,"am I going mad",no you cant be, because a mad person would not ask the question in the first place!

Fight the feelings with all your worth and beat them as I am.

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hi Castelnaudry, I love your blogs, you have become so positive and seem determined to find some good in every day as we all should try to. You have come an awful long way since your first posts and I am so pleased that you are finding your way through and have found things that work for you.


Thank you,yes,I have come an awful long way and am living proof it can happen,the silly little dances and laughing out loud really help,dont know whats come over me,dont care either!Thanks again.


HI its such a relief to read this knid of really happy that we all can get through this... i too feel a little better than last week and i hope and pray that it will only get better.

Please keep on posting this kind of message it really lifts the mood :-}


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