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Learning to live with it ?

After reading another thread I am thinking about accepting my anxiety as a new approach. Maybe it is always going to be with me, it has been since I was a child. I have had periods of being happy, but there has always been my anxiety and depression tagging along beside me reay to drag me down.

I guess I coldn't wrong in hoping that I will be 'cured' and live a normal life. If this anxiety is part of me, I am not going to wake up one day and be carefree. I have always been overly sensitive, that is my nature, I am easily hurt and worry about everyone and everything around me.

So just for fun, today I am accepting my anxiety and I am not going to be afraid of it, actually I think we might be friends. :)

I'll keep you all posted, have a good day x

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Hi Tara, I think youve really expressed that well and its also how I feel. I think we all say we are fighting it, but I've been thinking about this a lot myself lately. I think for a lot of people it may always be there, so perhaps we should just accept that we have it, but try our best to manage it? I suppose for some for whom anxiety is new, it may be a reaction to something in their lives and once that has passed, they have worked through it, the anxiety will go, but for others it is a case of living with it and managing it.

Hope it works for you today!


I will join you both in becoming friends with anxiety today ! :-)


Hi Tara

Up until January I was outgoing, confident blah blah blah, then, what still seems like out of nowhere, I want the world to bugger off and leave me alone. I'm scared to leave the house, the thought of someone talking to me on the street freaks me out. I don't understand where this anxiety has come from and for me, that's the scary thing.

I'm happy though, im coming to terms with it, well as long as I'm in my house lol. In my room at the top of the house that is until my OH comes home, then I venture downstairs lol.

I like your positivity in just accepting this is the way things are and I hope it helps you in all areas of your life

Take care xxxxxx Cookie


I really like the thought of accepting it and not fighting it every step of the way which is exhausting!ive been like it all my life 44 years I doubt it's going to go now. Anxiety isn't all bad it's there to keep us safe at the end of the day.


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