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Pit of doom feeling In my belly

Pit of doom feeling In my belly

I have worked in the same place for 3 years but I wake up with this doom feeling in my belly I feel I'm scared to deal with people. I want my confidence to come back I feel stupid to talk to my boyfriend about it or anyone else because they don't understand how it feels to feel like this. I had a puppy the other day that's kept my mind of things but now I have work I'm scarred !!! Why was I made the way I am I hate it I do find myself crying because its a releaf in a way, but if I cry infront of people. I feel stupid .

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Anxiety makes us feel this way & please dont hate yourself , you didnt ask for this none of us do , it just happens

I love your pic by the way

You are right crying at times does help , again dont feel bad that you do

It is hard to bottle things up & this site will help you to get it all out & people wont think you are stupid as we all / have felt the same , so you can talk on here

You might find if you could tell your BF & family how you are feeling , they might not be able to fully understand , but still be a big support to you , my hubby is & family , think about letting them no how you feel , they could suprise you

Have you been & told your GP how you feel , there are so many suffering with anxiety & so much support now , it could be worth having a chat with them , to see what they can also do to help

Keep coming on & talking , things will get better





Hi Leanne,

Whywhy is right, please don't beat yourself up. Your worth more than that. I've had these same feelings of anxiety for 3 months now and I'm so glad I went to my GP and opened up. I also opened up to my partner which was a big step as I thought she would just say pull yourself together as I used to be so strong and confident, but she didn't and has been sooo supportive.

We are all suffering on here and are all very supportive of each other so feel free to come and chat, even rant lol it's good to talk to people who share your feelings and will never judge you.

I love your picture, sooooo cute. Xxxxxxxx

Take care, see you soon I hope xxxxxx Cookie


Hi hun yes why and cookie def right i too have suffered for months and sometimes the feelings are so overwelming and feel so unreal and i too was out of my mind with worry but got help from my gp and all these lovely lovely people on here really help me esp when i feel low keep blogging and we will support you the best we can xxxx


What could my gp do thou I went to the doctors other week coz I worry my. Self ill n I told them how I feel one reason was coz I had dentist so she gave me diazapan but I worried bout taking that but it didn't help me at all I judt been speaking to my friend about it and I burst into tears and she sed ill b there if u ever need me but I no she won't coz I've tried the past 3 weeks straight n b4 that and no help but I do feel better that I can talk on here now I reali would just like a few days where I don't feel the way I do :/ xxxxxxxx thank you people


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