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Flippin Heck,lots of people not having a good day today,must be the post holiday blues or something.Im not too bad again today,just had a chippy tea,no pots to wash for me.Didnt sleep brilliantly but stayed in bed rather than get up and stress over it.

Again,as I keep saying,its the power of positive thought that gets me through,every day is the same and if I allow it,it will get me down.Thats the point,I don't and wont let it get to me,Im starting to find it easier to brush off the anxiety when it comes,its there but in the background and I manage to keep it there.

Listening to Simply Red again,its getting a bit old now,think I need to add to my collection,its all downloads these days,what happened to going down the record shop on a Saturday morning then a bit of shoplifting in Woolies.

So,whats on telly tonight,usual garbage,god,no wonder we are all on a downer is it,still we have this wonderful site.

I want all of you who are feeling ok to cheer up the others who are not and those of you who just read the blogs,give us some pearls of wisdom,the answer is out there,trust me or truss me,either will do!

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Like your post. Looking forward to a flood of positive posts now. Lol


Mmmmmm a chippy tea, I love fiss + chips + mushey peas with lots of vinager and Tom sauce mmmmm


A very jealous, hungry cookie :-)


Excellent :-)

I've got to cook me own tea.................or eat that rather large easter egg that keeps winking at me.

Oh for fish and chips..............


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