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To Day

To day I still feel light headed and have stomach discomfort,which I have had before for years,I still went down Tesco's and several other shops,I will not stay in regardless how I feel,problem is when I return home its just the same,and I feel totally shattered,but I am trying to find the logic to anxiety,I have had this setback now for about 4 months but had a good 3 weeks clear in February and now my anxiety has returned just like an old friend(smile) I do get some clear spells throughout the year but not many,if only I could prolong theses spells,anyway that's enough from yours truly.Take care and have the best evening you can my friends

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You are very much like me. I just keep pushing myslef to go out and do things. It has got to be the best way, otherwise the thing will just beat us completely. Take care. Gray.


its great you push yourself to go out even though you feel unwell so well done, im really struggling with that. have you seen anyone about your stomach problems? x


Hi I admire your determination to keep fighting well done. :) You were shattered because anxiety takes alot of energy. My therapist keeps telling me appreciate the good days and battle with the bad i try and do this but with some difficulty.

Good luck keep going well done.

Love Seyi xxx


Thank you my friends went to see my osteopath yesterday,and panicked a little whilst there but I am still here today,smile,funny thing is I woke up feeling good and was almost back to my old self before I saw him,but have gone back to being anxious to day,yes light headed and nauseous at the moment and a slight tremble,I have had this anxiety for 40 years so I know what it is(smile) yes its a xxxxxxx nuisance but its not terminal,have a good day my friends


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