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Help me with my anxiety please

I am new to this site I have had anxiety for a long time. I never really thought about it until I went to the dentist n it all come to me people kept telling me I have anxiety I just thought they was silly but now I getting really bad where I feel I can't do things I used to do and I have the horrible feeling in my belly that makes me ill I just hste how I feel I need help doctors give me diazapan but it didn't work please any one help if I talk to any one I just cry ! I feel like crying now I feel stupid !!

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Hey you,hello,I know exactly how you feel,the horrid feeling in your stomach,thats what I have all the time,join the club no-one wants to be in..What I think you should do is find a group of people similar to you and talk about your issues,trust me,it makes you feel better.It may seem hard at first but once you start to talk,you cant stop,I had to be told to shut up and give others a chance!

You are not stupid either,dont ever think that and no,most people don't understand how you feel but we do so take heart and try to find a group,dont dwell on it,get positive,thats the key.

Take care.


Thank you ... I just find it easier sed then done :/ n I don't no how I can find groups to go to . I judt feel bad coz it's coming where I was scared to work other day n I just wanted to cry n hide and to drive I've been scared to drive it's like I've list all my confidence I try get my friends to come over so I can talk but non of them care :(


I know how you feel I just want to hide away from everything at the moment. Recently I have been getting this awful feeling in my stomach like I am on a fair ride it just keeps churning round and round. I am also getting really short of breath, crying alot and feeling edgy all the time.

I am trying to remain positive as I don't like these feelings I am getting and it scares me abit. I am normally a chatty and happy person but lately I don't feel myself. I feel like all my confidence has gone and some of my personality also.

I find it a chore to speak to anyone it doesn't feel natural but I am trying to do things like go for walks to take my mind of these feelings.


It sounds how I feel I always breath out n it's like I forget to breath in n I panic ... Ye I've been going on walks a lot it does help I just wish I could n like how I used to b I no I had anxiety bout the dentist but it just seems like it's everything now but I don't no why I tried to talk to my friend just bout it and I got up set but she just turned it around to her :/ I'm glad I've got people to talk to x x x x


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