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A little compassion/understanding from GP- too much to ask?

Had a major episode of anxiety in January and was having a lot of breast pain but was told it was the medication (Mirtazipine) that was causing it so waited another 6 weeks and came off the Mirtazipine in that time but still the pain was there so went back again and had pretty much had to beg for a referral to the breast clinic. Had to wait for another two weeks for an appointment and ended up having a mammogram and ultrasound at the clinic (the doctor doing the ultrasound didn't utter a word whilst going over the same spot for what seemed like ages) Anyway when I finally saw the consultant he said 'so your GP found a lump'? The GP had reassured me there wasn't anything to worry about that he couldn't feel anything! I can appreciate that maybe he didn't want to worry me but I feel lied to by the GP and feel I could never trust him again! The lump they found is a cyst (which when you're anxious of course turns straight into Breast Cancer) so I phoned the GP for advice as I got little information from the clinic but when I spoke to the GP all he said to me was'pain is good it's only a cyst and not Breast Cancer as that is what we were looking for and just be happy it is not Breast Cancer.' Mention the word Cancer to someone who is already anxious is not the kind of thing I would expect from someone treating you for anxiety but maybe I am asking too much? I just feel really let down and always that nagging doubt at the back of mind 'is it really only a cyst'? I'm sure all my fellow health worriers will understand ;) Just had to get this off my chest (no pun intended ;) )

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Hi Aden65

How insensitive of your Doctor and noway should you have had to beg for a referral its his duty if you are worried. Sometimes Doctor's are quick to blame medication for symptoms but like yourself we know when something is not right.

Glad it was a cyst but its a worry when like you said your already suffering with anxiety and panic then have something more serious to worry about. Some Doctor's need lessons on communication and understanding.

Please believe that you have a cyst the ultra scan would have showed anything different. I recall my Daughter years back having something similar and they said it was fatty tissue and explained in detail what breast cancer looked like.

Please find some peace in your mind although its easy for someone else to say when they are not in your shoes. But a mammogram and ultra scan is spot on.

Please take care and perhaps you should try and change your Doctor if you have little confidence and belief in him. Take care and hope your problem is resolved soon

Best wishes

Love Seyi xxx


Thanks for caring xx


Your very welcome its a worrying time and feel your concern.

Remember this site is good for sharing advice support and caring.


Love Seyi xxx


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