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how much longer

Ive been a long term sufferer of depression and anxiety. Recently i seeked help and have a few sessions with a personal therapist as well as a course for dealing with emotions.

I really felt this was helping but for the past week i feel im back to square 1.

I dont sleep at night (for example the past 48 hours i had roughly 10 hours sleep). i lay awake worrying about money and general problems but the main thing that troubles me is getting up the following day and having to get on with normal life and dealing with what feels like bad seperation anxiety from my son.

I dont know how to get through this.

Anyone else have this feeling?

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i think when your on the road to recovery there are going to be many setbacks or there must be something wrong. its all part of the recovery to go two steps forward and one step back. i know its hard but keep going and spill your heart out when you go to therapy, dont hold back. xxx


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