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Depression and anxiety back

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I had to phone in sick last week, work for a care agency and was at first shouted at because it too me a few moments to buck up courage.

Why do care agencies treat their staff like shit. always wanting you to work weekends

and loading the calls on

Guess they are just sales people, bloody hard faced

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Yep,its all about money for them,should be called"dont care agencies" stuff em,if your sick,your sick,dont let them make you worse,they don't care about you,get yourself well first.

Yes understand did a short spell of care work, it's a rat race to say the least, far from caring about their staff, get well soon your health is more important

I dont want to go back but i need to find another job

Hi there

I worked in care sector for 11 yrs and never want to go back. I didn't do agency.supposed to be residential but we had all sorts as you can imagine.

The job mentally and physically takes it toll and the money is shite for what you have to put up with.

Codes of practice, don't make me laugh, it's all about cost and not care. Staff can be so bitchy, in fact it was just that that made me quit in January. The clients were fine it was the bloody staff I couldn't cope with.

I hope your next job is one where you get treated with respect and one you enjoy

Good luck xxx

Sorry to hear abut your treatment at work . There is a lot of ignorance out there when it comes to anxiety and depression. I wrote a long piece on my thread you commented on but lost connection then saw your post. I have been lucky with work my manager has been great I have only been there since last November too. I would look for something else too. XxX Good Luck.

A lot of people can't get into the mode of thinking of other people. Try and block it off. if you're not well, you're not well, it's as simple as that. You will get better, but as with every illness it has its own time limit. Take care. xx

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