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Hypno or CBT?

Okay so later today i'm going to see a hypnotherapist with regards to my anxiety. I don't really know what to expect (other than shock at the price) but i wanna give it a go. Anything to break the cycle of thought patterns i have right now. Also i'm waiting for cbt on the nhs, which will be a long wait i imagine. I know some of the techniques already from some books a friend has given me and he swears by it. Says it really helped him a lot.

I guess what i'm saying is does anyone have an opinion one way or the other?

Thanks all x

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Hi hodylad i dont have an opinion for you hun but would so love to hear how you go on with hypnotherapist my friend suggested it to me and i must admit i was a little affraid of what they was going to do to me i know that sounds odd but didnt dares go and try so please let me know how you go and if you think its helped good luck hun :) xxxxx


I saw the hypnotherapist today and it was a real positive experience :) Not all mystic, magic rubbish you see on tv. She told me a lot about the imagination and how it's so powerful. Apparently our brain is processing just 15% reality and 85% imagination hence the imagination always wins out in the end. I'm going back for a full hypnoanalysis on friday so i'll make sure i get back to you then too. Thanks for the interest x speak soon


EMDR is very effective for PTSD and anxiety brought by trauma


What is EMDR? I've tried hypnotherapy and did get relief for a while which was great.Im thinking of going back as counselling is just taking so long. I've not got on that well with CBT but that's just me I know it helps a lot of people.


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