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The realisation of it all

Don't feel much better today, in fact a little worse, I am forcing myself to go to my appointment in respect of taking on some voluntary work.

I am realising as days go by that I am not well, somehow I've questioned it before, and still do I guess.

If I make arrangements (which is rare) I have to keep them and I've made an appointment for this morning so I have to go, but truly don't feel like, I'm talking myself out of doing voluntary work today, but I know I have to, I will end up in my bedroom and never meet anyone or go anywhere, it's something I must do to get better.....

It's lovely and sunny out there today, maybe I will feel better when I go out....right now I feel awful...

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Just have a little courage luv..... get your face on.... we're all with you.... voluntary work is such a good idea and no pressure......

Just try not to think too much, just get ready and head off,,,, I promise you you will feel really chuffed with yourself afterwards..... Just little steps and you will feel better,,,, promise...

Let me know how you get on!!

Sending positive vibes and courage xx ker xx


Thanks Kerry, I will do,

Thanks so much...... X x


Go girl..... you can do it..... post when you get back...... and think of a treat for afterward... magazine, bar of choc??



Sleepless, I did voluntary work inbetween career moves and I loved it. Most of the other volunteers have problems and everyone understands you need to take things at your own pace. I started off doing 2 days a week, moved up to 5 and they offered me a paid job. It was just what I needed and although some days I felt sick to the stomach about going, once I got there it took my mind of things and I felt a great deal of satisfaction helping others.

Good luck x


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