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Just finished watching "inbetweeners", now it may not be your cup of tea and maybe at nearly 50 I should not watch it,but it really does make me laugh and takes me back to my 1970s schooldays and girls and booze and all the daft things we did.When you look back to those days,we didn't have a care in the world did we and when I look back,it always makes me smile and think,"life aint that bad is it".If we look at life now and remove the anxiety,then for many of us,life is pretty ok don't you think.Thats what I do,think about the good stuff in my life,theres much more good than bad and that keeps me going.Talking of going,im off to bed now,night all.

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Can't beat a good laugh castelnaudry, I did some laughter yoga last year and it really does help your mood. Keep making lists of the good stuff verses bad, when you see just how much positive stuff you have in your life it really helps to see the scales tipping in the right direction.

Have a good day xx


I'm 53 and still like the "inbetweeners", like Tara says, you cant beat a good laugh,

all the best


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