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Hello again,well people,thought I would tell you about yesterday which was another good day for me.The problem is,there is not a lot to tell because yesterday I did pretty much sod all! Now,you might think"so whats to tell",well quite a lot really.Those of you who have been reading my blogs will know that my biggest problem has been going to bed and also staying in the house.Yesterday,I found myself doing nothing ALL DAY,well as some of you may know,being in the house all day has been a big problem for me,not yesterday though,brilliant.I just spent the day on the old laptop,bit of tv and that was it.And now Ladies and Gentlemen,the best bit,I went to bed,my most feared place at 11ish and guess what,inbetween a bit of tossing and turning,did not get up until 1315! Am I a lazy bar steward,probably but I don't care,I did feel the anxiety welling up but I just told it to go away and laughed,it went!

So,as its a bank holiday again and although we have been invited to the park,I think I will have another lazy day and win round 2 in "the battle of the demons" gosh,I feel like Rocky Balboa.Take care and take heart.

Thank you for all your kind words,we will beat this.

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Well done on the sleep Castel,

I too done bugger all yesterday apart from making myself sick with choccy.

I'm catching up with housework today as I'm trying to burn off nervous energy. I'm having the horrors.

Hope you win round two Rocky, Ding Ding xxx


Good for you , well done , you should feel good about yourself ;-)



Yaahhh...well done.... im the same about staying in the house......

I need to get back to work now... too much time to think... and I have another week off... but planned on catching up with people now Im newly single and can do what I like!!



Well done glad you managed to get some peace and rest may it continue.

Love Seyi :) xxx


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