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Doing not bad but the government doesnt help

Since visiting the doc i have been putting into practice his advice on how to relax and how to fend off the negative thoughts that creep in. Still feel panicky now and then but i manage to talk myself out of a full blown attack. So i am doing not bad then through thw post the dwp send the paper work inviting my wife to apply for the new PIP as they are stopping her DLA. How many times do i have to fight for her rights. I thoight u were innocent until proven guilty but the way they work your guilty first. My wife is severley disabled with MS and they still want to embaress and stress her out with stupid tests. Now my anxiety levels start to rise. U pay all that money in over 70 years between us and u get treated as if ur trying to cheat them. Some test for my relaxing texhniques

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I'm sure she will get the new PIP equivalent of the DLA. Yes i know its a pain to fill all the forms in, etc, but try not to worry too much over it. MS is an unquestionable condition so they cannot say she's not entitled to it. Once she is on it you shouldn't have to worry any more. When you feel most anxious please try to take some time for yourself and think of something that's totally away from the stressful situation. I find the breathing exercises recommended by Anxiety UK are really helpful but I'm sure you have other techniques for relaxing too. Good luck.


Hi ham

The system is disgraceful and this is stress you can do without as it will only fuel your anxiety. I am sure she will get the financial support you need and MS is unquestionable and as conditions like these do not change you will be entitled to PIP equivalent of DLA.

It is very frustrating to have to fill in forms and then go for tests.

Have you got anyone that can help you out during this stressful time.

I can understand how upsetting this is for you but try and stay positive.

Wish you all the best

Love Seyi xxx


Thanks for your reply. When we went through the ESA procedure i had ro get my MP involved as they found her fit for work. Eventually after an appeal she was put in the support group. I cant go through that stress again. I have letters of support from doctors ms nurses and her CPN. Hopefully that should do it. Shocking system


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