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Hi All,

I want to ask all you woman a question which MIGHT help in treating anxiety, For all the woman who have anxiety and have children, I want to know, what was your anxiety like when you were pregnant, was there any improvement in symptoms? did you have any anxiety symptoms when pregnant? Its an interesting theory I have and will let you all know after replies.


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  • Good question , i was less anxious when pregnant to be honest , never gave it much thought till you have just asked but yes i was less anxious , still was there , but nothing like it was when I wasnt pregnant

    The anxiety issues i had when pregnant were 1st my child would be ok & 2nd that nothing would happen to me as I wanted to be there to bring them up

    Dont no if this has helped & cant wait to hear your theory on it




  • will be interesting to hear what others think, but i had NO anxiety when i was pregnant, in fact i felt great x

  • My pregnancies were a long time ago, but certainly didn't have the same anxieties as now, if I recall correctly

  • Did you take frolic acid when pregnant

  • I cannot honestly remember...

  • I had no anxiety whilst pregnant or giving birth! X

  • Did you take frolic acid when pregnant

  • Hi I've got two children and didn't have any anxiety whilst carrying them or being in labour. I was really relaxed and happy. I've struggled with anxiety for years before being pregnant and ever since. I would say that the anxiety slowly got worse and approx 12 months after having each baby the anxiety was at its worst. Eve x

  • I didn't get it back then, i'm new to all this craziness, so i cant help i'm afraid lol.

    I've often wondered if it had anything to do with a menstrual cycle?

    As i seem to be blessed with a freak out once a month around that time. Coincidence?

  • Did you take frolic acid when pregnant

  • I was anxiety free in both my pregnancies,I felt really well after I got over the initial sicky stage. I then went on to have severe post natal depression and have never felt well since.

  • Hi,

    I didn't suffer with anxiety when I was pregnant with my 3 children, albeit, a long time age. I only started suffering with anxiety when I had a lot of stressful incidents altogether.


  • excuse all my replies to you all where frolic acid should be spelt as Folic Acid, it's been bugging me and has always bugged me why I felt great pregnant, and then I was reading About how good Folic acid is ..........http://www.webmd.boots.com/vitamins-and-minerals/supplement-guide-folic-acid. When you read through it mentions about helping people with depression, And I had read elsewhere that the B vitamins help with anxiety, that got me thinking that for each pregnancy I took Folic Acid. To cut along story short, I decided to take Folic acid and have been on it for two weeks, I have been taking 400mg a day which is the prescribed amount if you want to become pregnant and whilst being pregnant lol and no I don't want any more kiddies, anyway it could all be in my head but I have had NO anxiety for the past two weeks, infact I haven't even thought about it, and realised how good I have been feeling having been out for lunch 5 times in a Week and a half that before was unheard of. so big question, is the Folic acid actually working or is it all in my head, so question to all of you ladies, did you also take Folic acid when pregnant and felt great, if so it might be worth trying it and see how you feel x what do you all think??

  • Anything is worth a try, as long as not harmless and people know of any possible side affects, can you purchase frolic acid over the counter at a pharmacy or does it have to be prescribed ?

    Sounds like its working for you :)

    Thanks Sue xx

  • it ia a B vitamin that woman normally take when pregnant, worth a try, u can get it in any chemist, its Folic Acid, sorry spelt it wrong before x its worth a try

  • I was not too bad when I was pregnant.

    One thing I do take now is vitamin B as this does seem to help the nerves.

  • I have three children, and loved being pregnant as it was the only time I have ever felt great, Spoke with my doctor about this and they put me on the pill last year to see if it would help...NOT, Cant believe the difference since i have been on the folic acid...... I will give it a few weeks and if it works i will be back at my docs to have a few words with them all. Time will tell x

  • I might give that a go, you could be on to something there.

  • Hi i have 3 kids and i didnt suffer from anexity with any pregnancy but it came big time after each birth x i suffered from very low iron levels during my pregnancys and was on iron tabs which didnt help, i didnt take folic acid either but im answeiring this as im on proplane for my anecity but i also decided to take b12 vitamins alongside to regulate my iron and (touch wood) im feeling good x u could be on to something as i was told by a doctor iron levels and b vit levels can cause anexity x donver

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