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Ok so ive had the anxiety feeling with me for a few hours on and off. I think maybe because i knew that i was going to be on my own till about 8 because my OH is still working. I have had a chillaxing bath, and im just sitting watching my little ones on the xbox. Im trying to change my way of thinking with the anxiety. I done it before i can again. Im not fighting it, im letting it be as its because of a tired and over worked mind! Roll on saturday nite for a girly nite in. Across the road to my mates, naills, face masks, and even a massage from her daughter, candles and just pure relaxation. That will definatly be relaxing. Maybe do it one nite in roses garden lodge? ;-) xxx

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Hi donaf , your girly n ight sounds lovely

Have you took your tab hun , I have taken mine , thinking you are as well

You are doing really well





Hi donaf nice to hear from you was beginning to wonder where you gone i think we have all been on and off lately with our anxiety and its taking its toll some days but glad you not letting it get to you and sat sounds lovely and relaxing like whywhy says hope you have a lovely night just what you need speak soon hun xxxxx


Well done whywhy for taking it,i havent took mine yet but i will after my tea as come. I cant have it on an empty stomach as it gives me heart burn :-( i definatley agree with u sheffield about being on and off with anxiety lately. Hope u both have a good wkend xx


I am wondering whether this forum is talking about the condition I am experiencing, anxiety breathing and panic attacks for which, I am taking 10 mg of citalopram .

What tablets are you talking about and are we talking about the same type of thing that is attacking me in my 84th year.

Whatever and whoever I wish you all well

John S


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