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Hi, I am new to this site but have found it very useful. I have been off work for over 2 months suffering for anxiety & depression, I think due to being unable to sleep. Taking A/D and have previously taken sleeping pills. I had a really good day yesterday, went to counselling, then phoned work to arrange going back next week, I could not sleep again all night! Feel terrible today. I felt hungry all night, so kept eating to try and stop it, it felt like my stomach was being twisted! Could the A/D be doing this? Does anyone else have the same problem? How can I go back to work when I don't sleep for a couple of nights! Would love some advice.

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Hello,i can so relate to your sleeping problems and the way it makes you feel.Dont know if the tablets make you feel that way but my stomach is always churning and that is without drugs.I also get hungry but try to ignore it after a certain time at night.As for sleep,I have to try hard to be calmer in bed,eventually I sleep.Last night I was restless but was able to stay in bed and sleep on and off until 7.Its all about your mindset and I know its hard to be positive but that is the answer.Dont think being off work helps,too much thinking time,I am always on the move,it helps me to stay busy.Take care.


Hi eta

Welcome to the site

I think alot of anxitey causes sleep problems & the more we think about not sleeping the harder it can be to get to sleep

I always wait till i am so tired , then I go to bed , sometimes that can be 1 or 2 in the morning , but its better to get 6 hours quality sleep than up & down all night , well it is for me

Maybe the fact you had arranged to go back to work nxt week brought on some anxiety

You will get through this , keep talking , it really helps




Hi eta

Sorry to hear your having sleeping problems nothing worse than not getting enough sleep to cope with the day ahead.

Perhaps your not ready to return to work at the moment especially if you are having trouble sleeping. You may be worrying about returning to work in turn is causing you restless nights

I have trouble going to sleep and end up reading until early hours until i cannot keep my eyes open. I find i fall asleep more easily as i am exhausted lol.

Take care

Love Seyi xxx

Hi eta, I have similar problems, except I find it very difficult to lie down, due to extreme pain, in my back. Anyway enough of me , I try to go to bed at about 11 p m but wake between 3 pm to 5.30, then go on to my PC then later I'm shattered like you. Do you think because you had a really good day, you rang work and arranged to go back, due to the feeling of confidence had returned but the confidence has gone and has been taking over by anxiety at the thought of going back to work too soon. Perhaps you should have waited a few days until you were sure, how you felt. The symptoms you describe, feeling

like your stomach is twisting, are classical of anxiety. I know you are anxious to get back to work, but make sure, the last thing you need is to make yourself worse. Think carefully, and my best wishes go with you.


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