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Why does the news run health stories??

I was feeling ok this morning until I turned on the bbc news and they were running a story on sudden adult death. For someone like me who has worried about my heart for years and suffered palpitations for years this is the worst thing to see and I am now terrified especially as they were saying it happens to people in their 30's. I am 32!! Thought I was going to have a good positive day today but no longer. I now feel sick - not the best start to the school holidays....Why do they do these health stories!

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I know just how you feel.

A small piece on the news about bowel cancer or diabetes will completely ruin my good-feeling for the day and ominous thoughts start up.

Health anxiety is a right pain - excuse the pun! :-)


Now a days , there is so much on news , TV in general , adverts , magazines , newspapers , you name it , i suffer with health anxiety & it can frighten you !

I no exactly what you are saying , I try & switch over quick as soon as i hear anything , skip pages in mags etc , odd time I am not quick enough , but mostly I am

Hope you have managed to block it out hun , remember this may happen to one in so many hundreds/thousands ..we sometimes miss that fact & you wont be one of them





Thank you both for your replies. Whywhy I didn't manage to block it out, been a horrible long day but looking forward to start of a new day tomorrow. Will not be turning on the radio or tv... X


The news is to inform and report, it rarely takes responsibility for any repercussions that could arise. There have been many deaths caused by irresponsible reporting. Unfortunately although ignorance may be bliss, being informed enables to be educated x


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